Workers protesting benefits affect French theatre festival

In Avignon, France, workers are protesting against changes in their off season benefits, and their protests are affecting the running of the Festival D’Avignon.

The Festival d’Avignon is an annual theater festival that presents 35 to 40 shows, many which have never been seen in France or in the world, in up to 300 performances. A non-profit sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the French government along with the city of Avignon and other sources, the festival’s website states that in 2014 the festival is scheduled to go from July 4 to July 27. Shows can be both French and from other nationalities.

However, according to the Associated Press, the festival’s opening two shows on July 4 have now been canceled due to protests.

Festival workers are fighting against changes in their off season benefits by the French government, who are attempting to save money by reducing the amount given to workers off season. Should the protests continue in this manner, the conflict could cause problems for various festivals in the summer.

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