Al Roker's 60th birthday: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio declares 'Al Roker Appreciation Day,' vice president Joe Biden calls in

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has declared Aug. 20, Today anchor Al Roker’s 60th birthday, as ‘Al Roker Appreciation Day.’

De Blasio appeared on the show on Wednesday to present Roker with an official proclamation of the holiday.

"The people of this city love you, and all of America loves you," he said, Daily News reports.

However, their relationship didn’t start off on the best terms. Back in February, Roker criticized the way de Blasio dealt with a Nor’easter but they eventually made up on the morning show and Roker apologized for saying de Blasio would only serve one term.

Vice President Joe Biden even surprised Roker this morning with a birthday message, reports.

Biden wishes him a happy birthday via phone conference from Washington D.C., telling Roker “age is not a number it’s an attitude.” He also told the anchor, “The reason everybody likes you so much is because they trust you.”

Watch Roker get surprised below:

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