Anie- "Lovekill" EP review

The Lovekill EP is a four track album by singer, Anie. Not much is known about the singer, but with her album, she has created a smooth blend of pop and vocals to create a work that embodies the overarching theme of relationships.

It focuses on whether you can truly be able to be on the same wavelength with another person at any point in the relationship your in.

Beginning with “Lovekill,” this song begins with a rhythmic vocal sound that is upbeat before the vocals begin, taking us into the feeling of being unsure if you will understand the person you’re with. Next is “Honey,” which begins with a slower beat.

When we get to “Only Ever This,” the music is much slower, taking on an almost ominous quality to it. The final track, “Fear Losing,” begins with a piano solo that starts off slow before picking up a smooth rhythm.

From the first song that was more upbeat all the way to the end when the music gets slower, the album does reflect the story that is being told through the music.

What I like about the album is while the lyrics have a story to tell through each track, the music is very prominent and works well for each of the songs. For an artist who seems to be so elusive at the moment, this work is very well done and shows talent behind the music.

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