Two tools essential for any kitchen are a sharp knife and a great cutting board.

Architec makes kitchen utensils that really make food prep easier. Among their many kitchen tools available are two types of cutting boards.

The Concave Gripper Wood cutting board has a large cutting surface with a slight concave center. The concave center is perfect for cutting meats. On a regular flat cutting board the juices run from the meat and get all over the place. On the concave cutting board, juices run down to the center and stay with the meat, providing you with the juiciest meat ever!

Architec's Gripper Flex cutting board features innovative design that makes chopping and transferring super easy. This heavy duty cutting board features a gripper base so foods won't slip and slide around its surface while you chop. It also rolls into a cone so you can transfer even finely chopped ingredients without the mess. The Gripper Flex is dishwasher safe and comes with a five year warranty. It comes in three colors: turqoise & green, white & gray and red & gray.

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