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Bastille - 'Bad Blood' album review

Bastille is an alternative rock band started by front man and lead singer Dan Smith, who originally started the group as a solo project. Bastille is named after the start of the French Revolution, Bastille Day, as Smith’s birthday is on the event’s historical anniversary. Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons make up the rest of the band based in London. Their debut album was released in March 2013. Bad Blood has been met with wide international success, with a handful of singles hitting top the top of countdowns all over the world. Bastille most recently performed at the Coachella music festival in April.

Bad Blood is a potent indie rock album filled with catchy guitar rifts, piano melodies and emotional lyrics. Smith’s deep raspy voice adds an urban feel to the entire collection while electronic sounds keep the album catchy and fun. Most of the songs provide for some awesome uplifting moments. While most albums don’t make much use of background vocals, this underrated part of music can actually be considered Bastille’s signature.

Bad Blood features 25 songs, all of which were written by Smith. I have never heard an album on which almost every song is equally as memorable as the last. When I first downloaded Bad Blood a few months ago, I had it on repeat for two weeks until I could sing every song in my sleep. Bastille harvests the talent of a strong vocalist, powerful pianist and haunting guitarist to make some unforgettable alternative rock.

Some standout tracks include “Overjoyed,” “Poet” and “These Streets.” Fans of Kings of Leon, The Neighbourhood and Walk the Moon will most likely really enjoy listening to Bad Blood.

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