Ben Moon releases 'Surreal Machine'

Ben Moon’s latest album, Surreal Machine is another take on the electronic dance genre, filled with a rhythmic beat that encompasses the classic and familiar sounds of electronic dance, and each song on the eight-track album tells a story. While a couple of songs may be long, they all have different elements that are expressed in the story telling.

The songs move effortlessly into one another so well that I didn’t even realize the song had changed. If you are out and feel like dancing to this album, it is a fun album to listen to, or you can have it on in the background at home. The album has just the right mixture of energy and rhythm to act as a backdrop while doing things around the house.

With an easy and steady beat, Moon brings out an ethereal feel to the music. Beginning with the song “Change”, Moon’s melodic voice is nearly quiet against the sound of the beat, but with an almost echo-like quality to the melody, he brings a unique sound in through the musical elements of the song. The emotions he expresses in his voice blend together with the music accompanying his singing.

Next is “I’m Free” and this was a definite favorite from the album, as it showcased a dance beat that anyone could enjoy and Moon’s voice blends in beautifully with the pitch and melody in the song.

What’s interesting to note is the album contains two versions of the song “Change,” with the first one being a Jose Nunez remix and the second an original. Two other remixes include “Don’t Wake Me” and “Celebrity,” both by Clokx. Every song on the album has its own unique sound, but with the natural flow from one song to the other, it is easy to enjoy the album no matter what you are doing.

Some favorites included “Change”, “I’m Free,” and “Shine On.”

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