'Big Brother 16' Recap: 'Medical Scare, Sting Operation and House Swap'

We find out who wins the Power of Veto tonight and if they change the nominations. The majority of nominations have been changed this season.

Cody starts thinking long-term plans and Caleb has a theory

Caleb talks with Derrick and Cody and is convinced that Donny is a genius. He said he notices how Donny’s eyes are always scanning the room. He thinks that he has some kind of mental condition and that his IQ is at least 150. This is coming from Caleb, who has no idea that ‘The Detonators’ alliance has ever been formed in the house. Cody is debating who he would nominate if Donny or Nicole win the POV. It is getting closer to the end of the game which means that you are creating a target regardless of who you nominate.

TeamAmerica has a unique mission

TeamAmerica is given the mission this week to create their own mission that will impress the Big Brother viewers. Donny suggests to both Frankie and Derrick that their mission could be to save Donny this week with the POV. I don’t think either Frankie or Derrick are on board with this plan. Frankie wants to come up with a play or something other than saving Donny. Donny wants to know why he is such a target. Derrick says that Donny would win if he makes it to the final two.

Derrick seems to be torn whether he should stay loyal to TeamAmerica or ‘The Detonators.’ They finally decide on the idea of “BB House Swap.” They impersonate the first eight evicted HG. My favorite was Derrick as Jocasta. I’m not sure if this was enough to impress America though.

Victoria’s medical scare

Victoria knows that her wisdom teeth are coming in and her face has become very swollen. She can barely talk and is in some serious pain. In the morning she goes into the bathroom and passes out. Nicole, Caleb and Derrick rush to help her. A medic comes into the house and they help take her to the Diary Room. I have not been a big fan of Victoria this season but it was scary to see her pass out and be in so much pain.

The Counting POV Competition is here

Cody, Donny, Nicole, Christine, Derrick and Frankie are playing in this week’s POV competition. The counting veto competition is finally here. The competition is called Sting Operation based on the upcoming new CBS Scorpion. The HG must guess the number of items they see before them. They can either Stay or Fold. If they Stay and are furthest from the actual number, they are eliminated.

‘The Detonators’ have a plan to have one member Stay each round and everyone else Fold. This plan is to obviously take out Donny. ‘The Detonators’ plan works perfectly and Cody wins the POV. Cody chooses his nominees to watch an advanced screening of Scorpion. Donny looks defeated he goes on to say “I done the best I could.” Post POV competition, Cody throws the idea to Derrick that he could use the veto and go after Frankie.

Will the POV be used again?

The POV has been used every week this season with the only exception being during the double eviction week. It will be interesting to see if Cody decides to make a big move and go after some alliance members or if he sticks with the plan to send Donny home. The POV Meeting shows Donny and Nicole give their last ditch efforts to have Cody use the veto on them. Cody decides not to use the POV and the nominations stay the same. It is looking like Donny will be going home this week but anything can happen in this house.

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com

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