Brittany Murphy Lifetime movie trailer takes murder angle (Video)

Lifetime continues its morbid streak of bringing dead celebrities back to life with made-for-TV movies. The network is preparing to debut The Brittany Murphy Story next week and the first trailer for the movie was released on Tuesday.

The movie appears to have two distinct parts. First, it will look into Murphy’s rise in Hollywood, from starring in Clueless to 8 Mile and other roles. After her 2009 death at the age of 32, the movie will look into her father’s attempts to reopen the case of her death, notes TheWrap, which debuted the trailer. Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, has claimed that she was poisoned and did not die from just pneumonia.

The Brittany Murphy Story, which stars Amanda Fuller in the title role, was only announced earlier this month and is scheduled to air on Sept. 6.

Like the recent Saved by the Bell movie, this project was also not authorized by those involved in the story. In fact, her father reportedly sued to stop the movie from reaching TV screens. That doesn’t appear to have worked.

The actress’ mother, Sharon Murphy, was also not consulted during the making of the movie. Lifetime has refused to say what or who is the source for the film’s plot.

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