From Jesus to Jack Johnson, flip-flops have proven time and again to be a fad-less fashion trend that’s here to stay. Determined to take this undying fashion statement up a notch, Solar Active International brings its unmatched UV color-changing technology into the footwear game with its newest product: CaliMojos.

CaliMojos flip-flops are enhanced with UV-activated technology that instantly floods their straps with color as soon as they hit the sunlight. Indoors, the straps are opaque and understated. But the second your foot’s out the door, the rhinestone-adorned straps intensify with bold, bright hues.

CaliMojos are manufactured in Brazil and are recyclable using the finest materials for environmental safety requirements. Incorporating SolarActive technology made in USA, Calimojos are safety tested. CaliMojos contain no lead or phthalates.

They are made with comfort in mind and fashion. All straps have a rhinestone grommet to add that fashionable flair. The T strap is used on CaliMojos instead of the Y strap for the newer fashion statement. CaliMojos are a staple in every wardrobe. These flip flops will easily become your favorites. Throw on a pair, take them in your luggage on vacations, or wear them while you are out running errands.

With four uplifting color options (orange, blue, pink, and white) and two unique designs (floral/tropical or butterfly), CaliMojos are the best companions for fabulous feet this summer.

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