College Station furniture stores owes fans $1 million after Texas A&M win

An Ashley Furniture store in College Station, Texas, offered to refund every dollar of a fans purchase if Texas A&M beat the University of South Carolina by at least ten points on Thursday night. Texas A&M beat USC 52-28.

The store now owes fans $1 million dollars in refunds to 615 people, according to KAGS TV.

The owner of the furniture store, Mark Wilks, told ESPN that they have thought about doing this promotion for the past three or four years and even though they have to refund the money it was the highest sales months the store has ever had.

Some fans bought furniture sets that were as expensive as $14,000.

Two fans, Pat and Loretta Fallwell who had just bought a new house told KAG TV prior to the game that they are confident in the Aggies this season.

“This season, we’ve got defense. We’ve got Myles Garrett coming in, and I think they’ve got a good shot. If anyone’s got a shot they do.”

Even though Wilks was confident in Texas A&M, he still took out insurance so he would not go out of business following a possible win.

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