Eric Kamen's 'Serenades' album review

Eric Kamen’s album Serenades is a combination of his life’s work and his musically eclectic ear. The New York native is releasing his latest studio album Serenades on Sept. 2. Fans can expect to hear the sounds of his beloved flamenco guitar throughout the 15-track instrumental album.

At an early age, he built a strong connection to rock and roll, teaching himself how to play the guitar, bass and piano. He built his reputation in the music industry as a go-to writer and composer for R&B artists in the '90s. After playing the main man behind the scenes, he released his first instrumental album Native Unit on his MySpace page in 2005. The success from Native Unit was an indicator that words weren’t necessary to make great music.

Two successful albums later, Kamen is on schedule to release his fourth record, Serenades. Earlier this summer, he released the single “The Lost Tribe” online. The track became a fan-favorite and on July 28, Kamen released a music video for the seductive dance track. The video features four ethnically diverse dancers, who come together to showcase their mixed styles while Eric Kamen plays the flamenco guitar.

Like his most recent video, Serenades proves that music is a universal language. Kamen uses his talent and musicality to convey emotion throughout the entire album. The artist takes his rock and roll influence mixed with his love for R&B and the flamenco guitar to create an instrumental soundtrack unlike anything ever heard before.

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