Gentleman Jake - 'Shambolic Nation' review

The Gentleman Jake Band consists of four members, with Jake Caldwell leading them as the vocalist. Their new album, Shambolic Nation has an interesting sound, with many of the songs on the album beginning with speaking parts before the music begins.

What I found in listening to this album was the band has their own sound, with instruments including guitar, keyboard, and bass, providing a strong backup beat to the vocals. Each song on the album is different, taking us into different types of instrumental beats.

Many of the songs have their own unique sound, such as “Poke Arthur Bakers Mix,” which has a harmonizing sound to go with the vocals, giving this song an energetic vibe that closes the album. Other songs, like “Old Bar,” seem to tell a story, providing descriptive imagery through the lyrics and music.

“Parallel Lines” is another good song that begins with a stirring guitar beat before the vocals begin. Interestingly, the way the song is sung, it almost sounds like a country song more than the alternative rock the band is known for. While this music isn’t my favorite, it is clear the band has a sound that is theirs and they enjoy making their music.

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