'Hotel Hell' recap: 'Calumet Inn'

In this episode of Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay visits the Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota.

The owners, sisters Vanda, 27, and Rina Smrkovski, 32, are running their business into the ground. The hotel was built in 1887. Their father, Jim, purchased the hotel for them nine months earlier. Rina, is very emotional, and admits to crying a lot. Rina left the hotel to Vanda for three months, and

Joselyn believes the two sisters have no idea what they are doing running a hotel business.

Mandy was the general manager, but was striped of her duties and reduced to a front desk clerk and waitress.

Their parents had to sell their home and move into the hotel to cut costs and try to keep the doors open.

When Ramsay arrives, he finds the entrance to the hotel a little sketchy, and has to get a flashlight just to find his way in. Mandy greets him, and lets him know that she is the only one on duty. She calls down Vanda and Rina.

They give Ramsay their best room, where he discovers a fridge with mold, a tiny closet and cluttered room.

Rina admits to only staying at the hotel for one night, and shows Ramsay another room that is in just as terrible condition. He asks how the hotel got in such a state, and they blame their staff.

Ramsay goes down for lunch and is served by Joselyn. She has been there for two years, and Ramsay apologizes to her. Jennifer the kitchen manager explains how the food isn't fresh because the menu is so large.

Mandy explains to Ramsay that she is no longer a general manager, and Ramsay can feel how angry she is with the sisters.

Ramsay is disappointed with the food; the soup was burned and the fish was too hard. He has a talk with the chef's and owners. Jennifer explains that she does not like her job anymore because of the owners. Just then, Vanda and Rina try to defend themselves, in which Ramsay tells them that it's not about them and they need to grow up before storming out.

Guests start to arrive after hearing that Ramsay was in town. They complain about the decor and also about the food. Ramsay goes to find Rina when she disappears. She is in her mother's room, crying and regretting her ownership of the hotel. Ramsay tries to talk some sense into her, and tells her to come downstairs and face the truth.

Ramsay has a talk with Mandy, letting her know that he feels like she is the owner with how hard she works. He asks her about the sisters and she talks about how they do not care anymore.

Ramsay then sits the staff and the owners down for a meeting. They immediately start to argue. Mandy gets upset after Rina and Vanda ignore their arguments. She leaves the hotel and says she is done.

Gordon tells Rina and Vanda that they do not deserve the hotel, and that if they were his daughters, he would kick them out.

The next day, Ramsay goes in search of the gym, but finds out that they do not have one in the hotel, and that he would have to walk down the street. He gathers Rina and Vanda and have them hear comments from their guests. They tell them about their bad experience and that they would not return.

Vanda admits that they are not capable of running the hotel, and Rina breaks down.

Ramsay goes to try and convince Mandy to come back and if he is not successful, he feels he will have to ask the girls to close the hotel, but Mady is unsure of what she is going to do. So Ramsay goes to talk to their mom. She is making dinner and Ramsay has a taste, enjoying it. He tells Rita that she needs to let their kids grow up.

Ramsay finds out that no one wants to be there, and tells Rina that she needs to go back to Minneapolis, and she breaks down again. He then tells them that they need to decide to keep the hotel, or shut it down.

He meets with them later on and they tell the staff that they have decided to step down from their roles. Ramsay then tells everyone that Mandy will take their place as general manager. Ramsay then tells everyone that he will be making changes to the hotel.

He brings everyone back to see the renovations to the hotel; new rooms, light in the tunnel entrance, a new dining area with a fresh menu and a new gym.

Ramsay now realizes that since the hotel has been renovated, now Rina and Vanda want to take charge, but he quickly tells them to go pack and leave.

Since the changes, the hotel has started to see more guests then ever before.

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com

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