'Jennifer Falls' Recap: 'Jennifer's Song'

This week's episode of Jennifer Falls was the season finale, and a lot happened that will make viewers tune in for a second season. Jennifer found out the truth about Adam, but hid it from Gretchen. Maggie and Wayne learned Stephanie's secret leading to a cliffhanger for the season.

Jennifer arrived at work with a smile on her face, making Stephanie question what was wrong. She spoke with Dina about her and Gretchen spending a lot of time with Adam as if they were finally making a go at being a real family. Dina felt insecure at the possibility of losing Jennifer again. Her friend reassured her there will always be a place for her in the tool shed.

Adam and Jennifer were displaying their affection for each other at his house. Gretchen was a little grossed-out, but enjoyed seeing her parents together. Adam offered his daughter and Jennifer an opportunity to return to their old lives by having them move in with him. Gretchen wanted to, while Jennifer was reluctant to make the next step. She agreed anyway, and we saw through her direct address that her panic was setting in.

Dina and Jennifer discussed Adam's offer over the phone, and just when things were looking up for Jennifer, a huge surprise turned up on Adam's doorstep. A woman named Sherry dropped by, announcing she was Adam's wife. Sherry knew a lot about Gretchen and Jennifer, making Jennifer freak out. When she confronted Adam about it, he assured her it was just a green-card marriage for his bass player. Jennifer believed his story, while Dina was convinced it was a scheme to get money.

After realizing she and Adam had each other's phones, Jennifer took the opportunity to snoop around his recent calls. Dina encouraged her to dial the last number he called, which turned out to be the unemployment office from the pilot episode. Dina and Jennifer visited the ladies in the office, who remembered Jennifer right away. The ladies had a few laughs at her expense with Dina joining in.

Once they were done at the unemployment office, Jennifer was even more suspicious of Adam. She and Dina snooped around Adam's apartment where they uncovered tons of secrets. Sherry was not a bass player in Adam's band, but a nurse practitioner. She paid Adam with a check for $10,000 to marry her. They also visited the recording studio where Adam said he was working on his album, and it is discovered he owed the owner $8,000 and a Greek yogurt.

The lies culminated with Gretchen's car having to be repossessed. Adam told her it was because of a recall, but Jennifer knew better. When she confronted him about the lies, he expressed his sorrow. When an opportunity presented itself, he tried to sneak away through the bar bathroom window. Jennifer caught him, and he confessed to lying about everything to impress her and their daughter.

Jennifer and Adam decided they would both talk to Gretchen about not moving in together. We found Gretchen in her room packing a suitcase as she asked her parents what was going on. As Adam attempted to come clean, Jennifer offered him an out by taking the blame for not moving in with him because of her reservations.

In a sub-plot, Stephanie came closer to telling Wayne about her birth-control, especially after she found out he went to see a specialist about his sperm. She confessed her secret to Maggie during a therapy session, which put her in a difficult position with her son. Maggie tried telling Wayne through a story, but he didn't catch on. She continued to press to tell him the truth, but it turned out that wouldn't be necessary. Wayne returned his medicine to the pharmacy, where he was sent home with his wife's renewed prescription for birth-control pills. He was stunned, but we would have to wait until the next season for his full reaction.

Jennifer got a surprise of her own when she came home to find her mother kissing her father. Another cliffhanger that will make viewers watch the next season.

Overall, it was an enjoyable season with a funny cast of characters. I am very hopeful it will return for a second season.

Quote of the Week: "What number is this anyway? Is this a landline number? Are you becoming a landline person?" - Dina when Jennifer called her from Adam's phone.

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