Jordan JAE debuts 'Makin' Me Crazy' (Exclusive)

New Yorker Joran JAE may be just 14-years-old, but the pop star has been honing her musical talents and has just debuted the single “Makin’ Me Crazy.”

JAE has been taking singing lessons since she was 7 years old and picked up piano at age 9, when she also wrote her first song. “It was definitely the quality of a nine year old but like they say, you can only get better,” she says of the early song.

The singer has the full support of her parents and started writing songs everywhere, taking inspiration from everything. That includes her twin brother Tyler and everyday chores.

“Inspiration comes from the girl that helps someone because she wants to and not because she has to,” JAE says. “It comes from experiences and books and movies and other music. Inspiration comes from the things that make you feel something, because that’s what music should do. Music should make you feel something.”

When she turned 13, JAE’s talent really started to shine and she started recording at SlumboLabs in Brooklyn. She began refining her talents and working with top artists and producers. She also began a YouTube following with covers ranging from The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold your Hand” and Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time.”

Her debut single was “Said No More,” which came out in March and earned her acclaim. Now, she is back with another single, debuting on exclusively. Check out “Makin’ Me Crazy.”

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