KCDC- "Your Own Reaction" album review

KCDC consists of Kwame Copeland and Deborah Crooks, two musicians from California who are set to release their album Your Own Reaction in September. The album’s music has a steady rhythm, allowing for the music to blend with the vocals of the singer.

The band’s sound is close to that of Americana and Rock, two genres that come together seamlessly when you hear the album. Because the guitar plays a role in this album, it is one of the main components that you hear in the tracks.

In the song “Love Some More,” the sound of the guitar is what we begin and end the song with. It seems to focus on the instrument as well as the melody in the vocals. Another song, “What To Say (Come Here)” has a nice drum beat to go along with the guitar and music.

The album will be available on September 16th on sites such as CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes and it is sure to be a hit, as the songs all have a nice beat and provide a sound that stays consistent through every note.

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