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Kendall Jenner threatens legal action against former 'Skins' actress Blaine Morris, demands apology

Kendall Jenner is threatening to take legal action against former Skins actress Blaine Morris for sending out a tweet that alleged the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star did not pay her restaurant bill then threw money in Morris’ face.

The rumors basically stated that Jenner and a friend “dined and ditched” after Morris, a waitress at Mercer Kitchen in New York City, refused to serve them alcohol.

Morris then tweeted and deleted, “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face.”

Jenner then took to Twitter to deny this, writing, “these rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone's face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that.”

Her lawyer, Marty Singer, has since sent Morris a cease and desist letter asking her to retract her statements and apologize or they will exercise legal action.

"As you know, when you waited on my client at Mercer Kitchen last week, there was no issue with service whatsoever," wrote singer, who noted Jenner "inadvertently forgot to take care of the bill before walking out."

"There was absolutely no scene as described in the Statements and the Tweet," he continued, saying she "politely handed you $40.”

Singer also asks for an "appropriate retraction and sincere apology” from Morris.

image via INFphoto.com

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