Kristen Stewart talks celebrity lifestyle

Former Twilight star Kristen Stewart is speaking out about what it’s like to live as a normal girl in not-so-normal Hollywood.

Stewart is notorious for her less-than-eager disposition toward pleasing the public. Unlike many celebrities, she is ferociously protective of her privacy. Therefore, her remarks in a new interview with Elle Magazine will not surprise you.

When asked about how she functions in public, Stewart remarked that she just avoids eye contact altogether. However, she insists she enjoys spending time with other people if she feels a connection with them. “If someone’s really cool and nice and just wants to talk, I will f*****g hang out and chat all day.”

Stewart also acknowledges that people didn’t take to her well as the first Twilight flick made its way into theaters. As a shy teenager back in 2008, she didn’t come across as bubbly and overly personable in promotional interviews. “I hadn’t carved out my spot, and people hadn’t gotten used to me yet…I didn’t interview well. I was really nervous. People f*****g didn’t respond that well.”

Stewart generally has to be careful while heading out in public because of the wild nature of her fame. It may not be ideal, though she seems to have accepted her position with a certain grudging grace. “I just have to be really conscious. It takes a little bit of the impulsive nature out of life,” she says.

Stewart recently completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Equals costar Nicholas Hoult.

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