Lego Chima DVD: Chi, Tribes and Betrayal

New from Cartoon Network this month is Lego Chima: Chi Tribes And Betrayals. Chima, once a peaceful land is now in civil turmoil with all the tribes fighting over the natural resource "Chi", a powerful element both the source of life and destruction. Laval the lion is desperately trying to restore the peace and rekindle his friendship with Cragger, the crocodile Prince. The wolves are in a battle against other tribes for the power of the CHI and while they are bearing down on control of CHI, this power is really meant to be shared. This action packed DVD features 10 LEGO CHIMA episodes and kept my 8 year old on the edge of his seat! Where does the future of the CHI stand? Which friendships will be tested? Who will betray or be betrayed in battle? This Lego treat is over 3 hours of fun and to me, would be the perfect back to school surprise for your lego and action enthusiast.
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