McDonald's 60-second drive-through opens

In an effort to make fast food even faster, McDonald’s in South Florida will be offering a 60-second drive-through for lunchtime. Between the hour of noon to 1 p.m., a timer will be given to customers after they pay. Customers will receive a free item on their next visit with the food takes over a minute.

A trial run of this speedy lunchtime will go through the end of September. Some people anticipate this service spreading, if it works, from the 800 Florida McDonald’s to other sites.

However, McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb informed ABC News that “There’s nothing in the works at the national level at this time.” Instead, this idea was something that the Florida McDonald’s decided by themselves.

Controversy has already arisen from fast food employees and customers alike. Concerns about diminished food quality, increased corporate power and peoples’ inability to wait were voiced on social media platforms such as Time magazine’s Facebook page. The comments on this page include humorous responses – “Eating that timer would be better for you than eating McCrap.” - as well as angry rants – “There’s no need for companies to torture their workers so people can get their food faster.”

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