Michigan teen Hayley Turner found safe after abduction

A Michigan teen who went missing on Thursday was found safe nearly 40 miles from her home after being abducted by gunpoint.

Police are still trying to piece together the events that led to 18-year-old Hayley Turner's abduction and escape, since she was discovered after someone called 911 after witnessing her leap out of a moving vehicle, WXYZ reports.

Turner was found by police to be doing alright, as she only suffered minor scratches from her escape. Police took her to the hospital to be checked out and was later set to talk to police over what exactly transpires.

"We're investigating all facts, all possibilities," Monroe County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Jeff Pauil told reporters. "We have not arrived at a conclusion."

Turner was abducted on her way home from a video store on Thursday evening, according to the Detroit Free Press. She was on the phone with a friend at the time and said she saw someone lying in a ditch. She pulled over to see if they were OK.

"Seconds later, Hayley told her friend, 'He has a gun,' and the phone was disconnected," Monroe County Sheriff Dale Malone explained on Friday.

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