New 2 meter penguin fossil found

Argentine palaeontologists in Antarctica have discovered a new penguin from various fossils that stands at almost 2 meters tall, from its beak to its toes. Dubbed "Colossus," the bird is the largest ever discovered in the world.

According to American Livewire News, scientists knew that large penguins existd, but not on a scale quite like what they found. The fossils indicate that the giant bird was almost twice the size of an average emperor penguin that we see today. Its 6 foot 5 inch frame would have towered over the emperor penguin by almost a foot and a half more.

News 24 reports that the large bird would have lived almost 30 million years ago, and would have been better adapted to warmer weather and longer times underneath the water to hunt and forage for food. It is estimated that between ten and fourteen other species of penguin existed at this time, but Colossus would have been the largest among them all.

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