New York teen dies while test driving Lamborghini

A New York teen died after the Lamborghini he was test driving crashed into a guardrail.

Samuel Shepard, 18, was driving the family friend’s car, when he lost control. Michael Power, the car’s owner, was a passenger in the car but only suffered minor injuries. Shepard was believed to have been driving the car at a high speed when it crashed. Police said the two were going back to the parking lot where the pair initially met, reported Fox News.

According to the Daily Mail, Sherpard’s father, Gene, owns an auto body shop and said his son grew up surrounded by cars, and often helped out at his shop. Power met Shepard at a parking lot, which they were returning to before the deadly crash.

“He was a very talented kid with his hands. He always helped me at the shop. He used to see his dad was working hard and he'd pick up tools and start helping,” Gene said.

Gene’s father was unaware that Shepard was going to test drive the car with Power. His son recently graduated from high school and was going to join the elite Army Rangers in the fall.

“He had his whole future planned out. He knew exactly what he was going to be doing.”

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