Nicki Minaj suffers wardrobe malfunction during MTV VMAs

Rapper Nicki Minaj suffered a massive wardrobe malfunction while opening for the 2014 MTV VMAs on Sunday evening.

Minaj performed her new single, “Anaconda” in a revealing green snake-inspired ensemble. According to TIME, everything was going well during the massive opening performance before Ariana Grande and Jessie J entered the scene to begin their collaboration, “Bang Bang.”

Minaj did a quick outfit change before running onstage to join the two pop singers, though things didn’t quite go as planned. As she re-entered the stage, Minaj was seen clutching at her black mini-dress, which appeared to have ripped straight down the middle. Minaj had to hold the dress to herself throughout the performance in order to avoid some seriously embarrassing exposure.

However, Minaj deserves credit as she kept her composure and finished the performance with her collaborators without missing a single beat. As Minaj rapped her last few lyrics, the entire front of the dress exposed her torso. Maybe quick changes aren’t such a great idea for live performances!

Way to show commitment, Nicki!

This wasn’t the only malfunction during Nicki’s attempts to bring a solid performance to this year’s VMAs; a snake reportedly bit one of her back-up dancers during a rehearsal for “Anaconda.”

Image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/

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