Pamela Anderson among celebrities speaking out against ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There is growing number of celebrities speaking out against the Ice Bucket Challenge, choosing to focus more on the disease than on the social media craze. Some of these celebs include Pamela Anderson, Shay Mitchell and Carey Hart.

While there are tons of celebs dousing themselves in freezing water to bring awareness to ALS, some of the big names include Oprah, Lady Gaga and Mark Wahlberg, there are also numerous celebs speaking out against the challenge and instead they are focusing on donating to the cause and encouraging others to do the same.
Actress Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame declined to dump a bucket of ice water on her head, instead she took to her Instagram account where she posted a picture of her donation to the ALS Association, writing “As much as I love the awareness and attention the #IceBucketChallenge is bringing to the ALS is important for us to realize why we are making the videos and try to contribute whatever we can.” E! News reports .
Hart also spoke out against the challenge, taking to his twitter page to express his thoughts that the message of the challenge was getting lost in the entertainment value of videos.
The most opposition however, has come from Anderson, where she politely declines participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge and instead calls out the ALS Association for using animal testing to further their research. According to US Weekly Anderson wrote on her Facebook page "I enjoy a good dare, It's always good to bring awareness - in fun, creative ways, I don't want to take away from that. I thought instead, I'd challenge ALS to stop animal testing."
So far the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $15 million for ALS research.
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