Phillip Fox Band 'Heartland' review

The Phillip Fox Band describes themselves as country-friend rock ‘n’ roll and their new album Heartland shows the band’s unique take on combing the elements of both rock and country. The album will be out on September 2 and with thirteen tracks, the album has plenty of songs for the fans of this band to enjoy.

While the combination of rock and country is smooth, the album does not move at a fast pace. The sounds of the instruments come through loud and clear, the deep vocals from the lead singer leaves an understated tone for listeners so they really pay attention to the song’s lyrical content.

Since the vocals on the album remained steady, deep, and soft on every song, it allows the listener to focus on the lyrics and to hear the message behind the vocals.

Usually, the type of songs in this genre are not ones I would listen to, but I felt the album is put together very well and the band does a good job of combining the genres of country and rock in order to produce a sound that doesn’t overpower the meaning behind the lyrics.

All of the songs on the album have their own sound and the vocals on the album are unwavering. Since the music is not too heavy or fast on the ears and has a steady rhythm throughout the tracks, this gives fans a chance to really get into the album and focus on the content of the songs.

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