'Ridiculousness' recap: season 5, episode 8

On last night’s episode of Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek and gang were on their own without a special guest. Not a major loss, however, because the team was just as funny by themselves.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com

Dyrdek opened the episode by asking his friends if they ever have head-butted anything. They then got into the topic of rage which lead to the first category, “Random Rage.” People show random outbursts of rage by screaming or smashing things. The second category, “Mom damage” featured moms at the wrong place at the wrong time and they all end up getting hurt.

Chanel West Coast shared her workout plan, revealing she has a personal trainer. Dyrdek teased her by calling her bluff. For West Coast’s workout plan, Dyrdek called the next category “Crash fit.” Unlike West Coast, these workouts don’t seem to be working and delivered more pain then gain. The “Play it off” category was for West Coast’s clumsiness. The next category was “Baby Bosses.” Here, young children show off their sassy mouths and it’s very funny. It’s true that kids say the craziest things!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone has the right to party in “Teeniors.” It’s seniors who party like teenagers. The final category of the night was called “Exorcisms.” Before the category, Dyrdek shared his thoughts on the devil and how he can steal people’s souls. So, this category featured people who acted as though they were controlled by the devil.

During the #Hashtagit video, a man was at the edge of a bridge with a cop coming after him. The man jumped off the bridge and parachuted away from the cop at the top. Dyrdek put the pressure on West Coast since she hasn’t come up with a hashtag for a video so far. So West Coast’s hashtag for this one was #PigsDontFly.

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