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Robin Williams gets cremated and ashes are scattered across ocean

The ashes of Academy Award winning comedian Robin Williams were scattered over the San Francisco Bay the day after his passing.

According to TMZ, the details of William’s burial were detailed on his death certificate from Marin County, the county in which the famous comedian passed.

The death certificate, Bustle notes, states that the cause of death, and the toxicology of William’s body is currently undefined and “pending investigation.” Extra notes that the toxicology report are expected in two to six weeks, and it is unknown when or even if the report will be released.

The report, Bustle reports, also notes that the cremation occurred on August 12th, the day after Williams’ passing.

Extra reports that Law enforcement confirmed that Williams had hung himself with a belt while also cutting his wrists, with a bloodied pocket knife found near by.

According to Bustle, there was a large reaction to William’s passing both from his famous friends and his countless friends.

Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com

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