Rookie Blue recap, season finale part 2: Everlasting

The second half of the season finale picks up with Andy arriving at Ted McDonald's mother's house with a coffee for Sam, only to see Marlo beat her to it. Sam breaks up tenseness between them with a joke and walks away.

Marlo tells Andy she spent the night trying to learn more about Ted and informs her that they've found several hard drives and computers. Before walking away, Marlo assures Andy she didn't intend to return to 15 Division and isn't trying to ruin her and Sam. She's just trying to get her job done.

Andy is soon rejoined by Sam and before she heads to the station, Andy asks if Marlo's presence will ruin their honeymoon phase. Sam insists it won't.

Cue focus on the case.

The Case

Inside the house Chris recaps to Sam what they know about Ted: he's unemployed, recently evicted and living at his mother's, he lost his son four years ago in a bombing, and he's organized and frustrated. Then Chris offers to take a box Sam found of bills and court transcripts back to the station to look through. When he notices a picture of Ted and his son in the box, Sam remembers that a detective told him the five people who died in the diner explosion, seemed to have been vaporized.

Back at the station, Duncan tells Oliver, Traci and his step-father, Commissioner Alonso Santana, what happened to him. Traci says the call was from a blocked number and at that, the commissioner ends the meeting and says he's taking Duncan home. He then requests Nick as 24/7 security outside his house.

A couple of scenes later, at the station, Dov tells Andy he and Marlo have set up a map to track Ted's past and current locations using facial recognition software (which the geek in him is ecstatic about). They've learned that he's recently frequented the sites of the two explosions before they occurred.

Elsewhere in the station, Chris tells Sam that Ted's court files from the bombing case show that a key witness was deceased, there was missing evidence and inadmissible police reports and that the judge overruled everything the prosecutor tried to do; It's clear Ted thinks the trial was fixed.

Dov and Marlo confirm the idea that Ted might target the judge and Andy learns that she is currently about to get married.

Andy and Oliver (who rides with her despite Inspector Jarvis's objections) arrive at the church in time and the bomb squad finds the IED on the car intended to transport the judge's daughter and nanny.

Then Marlo discovers Ted might be at the graveyard where his son was buried and sure enough, Andy and Oliver find him there and are able to arrest him with little trouble. Once at the station Ted says he will represent himself because he is the only one with integrity. Oliver orders Andy to file the arrest paperwork before going back out and taps Chloe to ride with him instead.

In the interrogation room, Ted tells Sam he wanted to match pain by equalizing suffering. He discusses his son's death: how it was his son's 12th birthday and it was the first time in six years that they'd had an unsupervised visit. He'd hoped it would be the day things changed. He tells Sam about his son, that the boy had chosen that diner and that he'd been in the middle of telling a story when the bomb went off. Ted angrily adds that it wiped his son off the face of the earth, and accuses Sam and the police of letting the culprits get away with it. Then he suggests Sam examine his computers and hard drives.

Sam asks how blowing up people will help him. Ted calls it cathartic and soon implies that there will be more bombs. But he refuses to answer Sam's questions about his plans... at least until Sam looks into what he's been saying about corruption in the police force.

Then the commissioner comes in and orders Sam to leave the room. After sharply asking Ted about the bombs without results, he bashes Ted's face into the desk, then makes a threat. But Ted isn't phased.

Meanwhile, Traci discovers the guy who tipped Duncan off was Ted himself. She, Dov and Andy quickly realize Ted is not targeting the people he holds responsible for the lack of justice in the bombing case: instead, he's targeting their children.

Once updated, Sam rejoins Ted and says, "Kill a man, he dies once, kill his children he dies every day." Despite Sam's efforts to get Ted to save the kids he's targeted, Ted continues babbling about corruption. However, eventually he reveals his next target: the son of the chairman of the executive committee, whom he thinks enables the mob to conduct criminal activity by issuing them building permits and such.

The officers track the boy, Daniel, to his friend's house, where Chloe and Oliver arrive just in time to save the children and contain the explosion.

Back at the station, Ted urges Sam once again to look into what he's been talking about. When Sam is in the break room with the commissioner he recaps what Ted has been saying—that a judge was bought and the bombing trial was fixed, that the mob has been paying off city council members and that there's a connection between the police force and Irish mob. The commissioner plays along, encouraging Sam to pursue the truth but accompanying those words with thinly veiled threats.

When Sam asks Marlo where Ted's drives are, Marlo suggests Andy retrieve them for him from evidence. Andy obliges and just as she finds what she's looking for, the room explodes.

Sam rushes to the scene of the explosion and desperately, fearfully sifts through debris searching for Andy. He finds her miraculously unscathed and Andy points out that he was crying... and she knows it's because he thought she was dead.

A couple of scenes later, Sam finds Andy outside of the station and after they joke about what just happened, he asks if she's sure she's okay. She says, "yeah I'm invincible apparently. How many girlfriends have you had that can walk away from a bomb unscathed." Sam kisses her and as he heads off to return to Ted, he jokes that he's had three.

When he returns to the interrogation room, he finds Ted in a pool of blood; apparently he's cut his wrist with a razor. In the aftermath of that discovery, Chris accepts responsibility for Ted but insists to Oliver that he truly thinks he did a thorough check for weapons and doesn't think he made a mistake.


That's all we see/learn of Ted in the episode, but there's plenty more on the personal front.


At the end of the episode Holly arrives at the station to pick up Gail. Gail tells her she is trying to adopt Sophie because she's ready to be a mom and it feels right, but then Holly says she accepted a job in San Francisco and wants Gail to come with her—in two weeks. Gail is speechless.

Chloe and Dov

Early in the episode, Andy finds Chloe crying in the locker room about her fight with Dov. She convinces herself that the gala will solve her problems, only to learn from Andy that the gala is cancelled.

Later, Chloe persistently tries to make conversation with a reluctant Dov. She insists that when everyone goes to the Black Penny after they solve the case, she'll dress up and he'll find her irresistible. But Dov says it's not going to happen. He walks away leaving Chloe more desperate and unsure of what to do.

Towards the end of the episode she makes one more attempt: she approaches him, dressed in a sexy red dress, but Dov says it doesn't change anything. She asks what will and he says nothing. Chloe looks defeated but not yet ready to accept it.

Later on, Marlo tells Dov that if he loves her—even if, as he says, he doesn't trust her—she should give her a chance because "we have to learn to forgive the people we love."


At some point Sam revealed to Chris, in code, that he knows Chris has been away at rehab. Chris acknowledges it but doesn't say much about the subject.


When Nick is on patrol outside of the commissioner's house with Gail, he gets mad at her for throwing something out of the window. A biker runs into his door when he opens it to go pick it up, and as he helps her, he realizes it's the woman from the convenience store. He proceeds to flirt with her, introducing himself and asking for her number. She refers to Gail as his girlfriend and he corrects her and asks if she has a boyfriend. As she leaves he tries to say that if they run into each other a third time it's fate but she says it would mean he's stalking her.

At the end of the episode, Nick finds her in a coffee shop and finally learns her name: Julia. He says he can't get her out of his head and she confesses she feels the same. But when they're later shown kissing, she stops and asks his name. When he mentions he is a police officer, she bolts without explanation, leaving Nick confused and dejected.

Traci and Steve

During the episode, Steve tenderly offers Traci his emotional support, despite the couple being on the outs. He even says he misses her but she doesn't respond.

On a separate note, throughout the episode ETF Sergeant Bailey kept telling her the unhappy, cruel original versions of fairy tales and when she asks why he's ruining them for her, he says fairy tales are messed up and advises her to go for something real. Yay Sgt Bailey!!

Sam and Andy... and Marlo

Sam and Andy are in a great place. They have just reached a milestone (Sam offering her a key) and been brought closer together by a near tragedy (Andy almost dying). Sam had assured her Marlo's presence wouldn't wreck anything, but in the very last scene of the season finale, Dov finds a sonogram of a baby as he and Marlo are sorting and cleaning up evidence. He looks questioningly at her and her face suggests its hers. UH-OH!

At this, viewers are left wondering if Marlo is pregnant with Sam's child and what this means for Sam and Andy's rekindled romance.

It's not yet clear when Rookie Blue will return, so viewers will have to cope with this cliffhanger indefinitely but check back here for any updates on Rookie Blue news.

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