Selfy iPhone case

Selfy, brought to us by is my new favorite phone toy. As a mom, I am constantly taking pictures everywhere I go. The Selfy makes it easier by giving us the amazing flexibility to take whatever picture we want with without the dilemma of how to hold the phone. The selfy features a remote shutter which wirelessly connects via Bluetooth. You are free to set up the perfect self or group pic. I brought the Selfy to the beach this weekend and it was so awesome to be able to take pics by clicking the remote control button; no hands shaking while taking the pic, no ackward close ups: just the perfect aligned picture each and every time. By the way, its "dual layer case" provides super protection against whatever may come your way. My favorite feature was how simple it was to set up. No apps required, no sign up. Just Bluetooth connection and you are ready to go. Selfy is available for iPhone 5, Galaxy 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini. Prices are perfectly affordable and range from $39.99 to $69.99. In addition, they offer accessories to further enhance your picture taking abilities. The "Accessory Connector" pairs selfy with any of its mobile accessories and standard tripods. The "Handlebar Mount" is made for bicycles and motorcyles. The "Car Mount" helps with hands free calling and navigation (dying to try this one out). The "Helmet Mount" pairs great with outdoor activity. Finally, the "Mini Tripod" works well with group photos and videos. Please check out for Selfy and other innovative products.

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