Stephen Colbert makes fun of Gwen Stefani's Emmys flub in 'Colbert Report' opening

While Stephen Colbert wasn’t able to exactly have a new episode of The Colbert Report ready for Colbert Nation last night, his team was still able to make fun of Gwen Stefani’s butchering of his name at the Emmys Monday night.

Last night’s episode featured interviews with The Giver author Lois Lowry, actor Jeff Bridges and U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge of Ohio, which were pre-taped before Colbert’s two-week break. In the beginning, Colbert did add a short clip recorded with a phone mentioning his Emmy win, leading into the usual Report opening.

In the slot where Colbert’s team usually slides in a humorous word or two, his producers wrote “Colbore,” as Mashable points out. That was clearly a nod at how strangely Stefani said Colbert’s name Monday night. Since she got it wrong, Jimmy Fallon jokingly went up to accept the award, assuming there was a mistake.

Stefani seems to be enjoying the attention her flub got, since she referenced it last night by mispronouncing Chelsea Handler’s name during the Chelsea Handler finale. Maybe when The Voice starts this fall, she will screw up more names.

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