Taylor Swift explains awkward awards show dance moves, looking flawless when leaving the gym

If you’ve tuned into any awards shows in recent years, chances are you’ve seen Taylor Swift getting her groove on in the front row.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Swift explained the sometimes awkward dancing.

She described it as being in a “pressure cooker,” with everyone wanting to appear as if they’re “unaffected” by being at these events and acting as professional as possible.

“A couple years ago, I just decided, no! This is the coolest concert you could ever go to! And I get to be front row, and I’m gonna dance during this, ’cause I feel like it! And not ’cause it looks cool, because it doesn’t,” she said, MTV News reports.

They also touched on her perfectly put together appearance every time she leaves the gym, which as we all know, is pretty hard to achieve.

"That is how everyone looks when they come out of the gym,” she joked, E! Online reports. She added, “I just feel like when I walk out onto the sidewalk in New York, I have to just try a little harder.”

Watch her appearance below:

image via Nancy Rivera/ACE/INFphoto.com

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