Top 10 celebrities who have accidentally shown their underwear

Today, August 5th, we are celebrating a piece of clothing that everyone wears, but no one likes to talk about. It’s National Underwear Day!

Freshpair founded the holiday in 2003 and has made a tradition of gathering hundreds of people in Times Square every year with the hope of breaking the Guinness World record for most people gathered in their underwear. While they have yet to be successful in breaking the record, they have managed to honor being confident in your own skin and carry on an annual celebration that is filled with underwear themed giveaways, runway shows, and events.

Because celebrities are consistently in the public eye, they are bound to have a wardrobe malfunction at some point, right?

In honor of today being National Underwear Day, we have compiled a list of some of your favorite celebrities who have had unintentional mishaps that involve their undergarments. Here are our top 10 celebs that have accidentally shown their underwear!

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