Top 10 celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Wardrobe malfunctions seem to be a regular occurrence when it comes to celebrities. Ever since the infamous Superbowl half-time show when Justin Timberlake accidentally bared Janet Jackson’s breast for all to see, the term wardrobe malfunction always springs to mind the thought of celebrities who end up showing more than they bargained for.

At the MTV Video Music Awards this year, singer Nicki Minaj suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she went backstage during the opening number to change into a skin tight black dress for her song with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. When she came out, though, she didn’t dance and instead clutched the front of her dress to keep from giving the audience a show.

Since wardrobe malfunctions seem to occur when celebrities least expect it, some end up being noticed. Here is our top ten list of wardrobe malfunctions that have occurred.

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10. Britney Spears

Britney Spears was performing her song “Circus” when the back of her dress came completely undone. The Insider spoke to Britney where she explained what happened as she worked to keep her performance going.

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9. Jennifer Hudson

Singer Jennifer Hudson went on Chelsea Handler’s talk show, but when she went to sit down, her tight black leather skirt came undone. Luckily, Handler was able to help Jennifer get the skirt zipped up, although she seemed to handle it worse than Hudson.

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8. Katherine Heigl

Heigl was accepting an award when the strap on her dress began to fall. As she held her strap to keep from showing anything, the presenter helped her fix her dress.

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7. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions and one happened when her boob began to slip out of her slinky dress. However, her long hair managed to protect her from showing anything.

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6. Toni Braxton

While performing on stage, the back of singer Toni Braxton’s dress began to slip down. Braxton didn’t realize what was going on, even as she struggled to pull her dress up, unaware that it had slipped past her bottom. A fan who came on the stage to join in on dancing gave her his coat, which she wore the rest of the performance.

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5. Sofia Vergara

While at the 2012 Emmy’s, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara suffered a wardrobe malfunction when the back of her dress split wide open right where her bottom was. She later went on Katie Couric’s talk show and discussed the mishap.

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4. Jennifer Lawrence

On her way up to accept her award at the SAG Awards, the bottom part of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress slipped off. On this news segment clip, a spokesperson for the designer, Christian Dior, made a statement about whether the dress had ripped or not.

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3. Emma Watson

While at the premier of The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Emma Watson’s dress began to slip and show her breast. She did have a pasty on in case something happened but it’s still embarrassing!

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2. Paris Hilton

While at the BET awards, Paris Hilton wore a white gown that revealed her trim figure. However, when she sat down to watch the show, the dress caused a nip slip to occur.

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1. Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba was out and about when she was standing on top of a grate, which caused her skirt to billow out, almost showing off her underwear. She managed to stop the skirt from showing off more than she intended. The way she pushed down on her skirt also reminded people of Marilyn Monroe.

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