Top 10 'CSI' shocking moments

CSI has been around for such a long time and many fans are able to remember episodes they loved from all seasons. Many things have happened on the show, with crimes being solved by the crime scene investigation team. Originally led by Gilbert Grissom, the supervisor on the team is D.B. Russell, played by actor Ted Danson.

Having been on for fourteen years, the show has seen a lot of cast changes, and many of these changes came with shocking episodes that surprised longtime fans. From surprising deaths to characters being in danger, CSI has kept fans on their toes wanting more.

As the show comes back for a fifteenth season, we are counting down the top ten moments in the show’s history that have left us shaking our heads in complete surprise. Many of these episodes were unexpected, and when the show comes on for marathons, fans continue to watch. Here is our top ten list of shocking moments in the history of CSI.

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10. Nick’s stalker

In an early episode of the show, a man named Nigel Crane began stalking CSI Nick Stokes, and even stalked a woman Nick had gone to his high school prom with. This clip below shows two incidents, one where Nick was thrown through a window, and another when the stalker showed himself and was about to shoot Nick.

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9. Catherine Leaves

After being targeted by assassins, CSI Catherine Willows goes into hiding. Eventually, at the end of the season twelve episode Willows In The Wind, she leaves the CSI team in order to work for the FBI.

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8. Brody held hostage

CSI Morgan Brody, who is the daughter of Sheriff Conrad Ecklie, is held hostage by a serial killer and tries to escape. When she does escape, things only turn even deadlier when Ellie Brass, the daughter of Detective Jim Brass, shoots her from behind.

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7. Brass’ shooting

Detective Jim Brass has recently left the series, but before that, he was the victim of a shooting. When he was in the hospital fighting for his life, his friend, CSI Gil Grissom, had the power of attorney to decide whether to do surgery to save his life. In this clip, Brass wakes up after surgery to see the team standing outside his hospital room.

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6. Explosion

In season three when Greg Sanders still worked in the lab, an incident occurred when an item left on a hot plate caused an explosion, severely injuring the lab tech’s back. The clip below shows what happened and the aftermath of the explosion.

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5. Finding Sara

At the beginning of season eight, the team was working to find CSI Sara Sidle, who had gone missing at the hands of a serial killer who left doll house replications of the murders. Sara had managed to escape from beneath a mangled car, only to collapse in the desert. The clip below shows Nick as he discovers a possible clue to her whereabouts.

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4. Grissom’s leaving

When actor William Petersen, who played Gilbert Grissom, was announced to be leaving the show, it came as a surprise to many fans who loved Grissom. In the clip below, as he hands out case assignments to his team, Grissom tells them of his plans to leave.

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3. Greg’s attack

In season seven, an episode focused on a group of individuals who randomly beat up civilians. CSI Greg Sanders happens to come across a beating and as he waits for back up, he realizes he has to disperse the crowd himself. One of the attackers stays behind and is about to toss a rock into his car, so Greg makes the decision to hit him with his vehicle to prevent the attack. However, the rest of the attackers come back to viciously assault Greg. In this clip, CSI Sara Sidle comes to the scene in order to comfort Greg, who spends the time telling her about the evidence on his body.

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2. Nick in grave danger

When CSI Nick Stokes was kidnapped in one episode, the team was sent a live feed of him trapped inside a coffin-like box. The team finally finds him, but then they discover there is a bomb underneath set to go off, so they must figure out how to safely rescue him.

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1. Warrick’s death

When CSI Analyst Warrick Brown got involved in a case that took him into a mob boss’ circle and ended up revealing a mole within the police. Sadly, he was gunned down, leaving behind shocked fans who didn’t think anyone would actually be killed off the show. The team was devastated as they worked through his death to catch his killer. The clip below shows Gil Grissom giving the euology at Warrick’s funeral.

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