Top 10 'Full House' moments

Growing up in the early 90’s, Full House was my favorite show to watch. I loved seeing the adventures of Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse and Joey Gladstone as they helped to raise Danny’s three girls, DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. For 30 minutes, we got to watch the family go through triumphs and tragedies while learning a life lesson every time.


The news has been reported that Full House is set to come back for a revival, courtesy of John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis on the hit show.

As exciting as this is, it also brings back memories of the sage advice Danny would give his girls whenever they needed to talk, or how Joey and Jesse would be there for the girls when they needed someone to talk to. Plus, we can’t forget Jesse’s hair. His hair was one of the central plot points of the show, so much that an episode was devoted to little Stephanie accidentally cutting off a huge chunk of it. is looking back at some of the top 10 best moments on Full House as we await more news about the possible revival of this classic show from way back when.

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