Top 10 Maroon 5 music videos

Maroon 5 has released many popular songs such as "Harder To Breathe" and "Sunday Morning." Next month, the band will be out with their newest album, titled V, adding to a collection of many singles and other songs the band has done over the years. With soon-to-be five albums under their belt, Maroon 5 continues to shape their place in the music industry.

The band consists of lead singer Adam Levine, guitarist James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboardist PJ Morton and the return of their original keyboardist Jesse Carmichael. Together they have what it takes for these talented individuals to make amazing music.

Since the band is coming out with their new album, put together some of the band’s top ten music videos they have put out since they released their first album in 2002. What are your favorite Maroon 5 songs?

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10. Misery

When the video first begins, we see Levine falling onto the ground, before a woman comes to settle on top of him. They then take to the streets in a seductive dance, which also appears dangerous since the woman keeps attempting to harm him as he questions why she does what she does to him.

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9. Runaway

For "Runaway," the video depicts the outside, especially the waves of the ocean. We also see a woman in front of a beautiful golden sun. Seeing the surfer in the water against the strong waves is really neat. The woman is then seen running past the beautiful sunset as the surfer finishes his time in the ocean. The setting seems more of the focus as we hear the band in the background, but with the beautiful waves of the ocean taking a large role of the video, it’s pretty cool.

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8. If I Never See Your Face Again featuring Rihanna

The video for this song is really neat, depicting Rihanna and Levine singing at each other in different settings; one in a red room with Rihanna circling Levine and the band and another scene depicts them in a blue room by themselves. Another shot shows them in the bedroom. The video is really cool, using different colors to serve as a backdrop for the settings.

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7. She Will Be Loved

The lighting in this video gives the scenery another element to it, with Levine appearing with a woman before he is in an apartment with someone else, and then finally singing in a club. The video centers on the relationship he has with a married woman, and how they both have strong feelings for each other.

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6. One More Night

The music video for “One More Night” depicts Adam Levine with a woman and child, who later leaves after spending time with them to fight in a match. For a song that is basically about spending a night with someone, this is an interesting video the band put together. The video also shows the match intercut with the woman getting ready to leave the home with their child.

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5. Harder To Breathe

For this video, we see the band playing in an empty building. The lighting in the video is dark, but the band stands out through the blue hues. The video is well done and focuses on the music rather than the scene or setting that is noticeable in most videos.

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4. Wake Up Call

What is neat about this song is it moves along like a movie, beginning with a scene involving Levine and a woman. The credits introduce us to the main characters as the story continues, showing the cover up plot in a homicide. I liked this video since it took the story in the song and put it on the screen as if it were a real film.

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3. Moves Like Jagger

Featuring singer Christina Aguilera, the video for this song begins in black and white, showing different people in various forms of dress and dancing. The video also shows past images of Mick Jagger. The video is energetic, fun, and exciting to watch. Plus, the song has a really neat sound so it is a song you can easily dance to, especially seeing the video.

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2. Love Somebody

This video is really neat, as it depicts Levine and the band being created through the use of paint in front of a white background. This is an interesting concept and it’s cool to watch as Levine and the subject of the video appear through each touch of their hands. By the time the video ends, however, we return to how the scene looked at the beginning. For this concept of the song, the video was done very well.

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1. Sunday Morning

When the video first begins, we hear the strains of “She Will Be Loved” during a Karaoke session. Then, we go to a flashback of the band singing “Sunday Morning” while we also see a group of women singing to the song as well. The video is fun and appears to be in the moment, meaning that instead of just focusing on the story, it focuses on the band and other people having fun while out. This atmosphere creates a comfortable vibe for the video.

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