Top 10 misunderstood dog breeds

August 26 is National Dog day! So today is the day to celebrate man’s best friend! If you have your own canine, take them for an extra-long walk or give them some table scraps. Dogs are simple creatures and it doesn’t take much to please your loyal buddy.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There are dog breeds that come from all over the world. In short, all dogs are unique. If you are looking for a dog, be sure to do your research before adopting. Every dog is possible to train but some take more time than others. If you have a big family with young children, buying a full grown Pit Bull Terrier may not be the best idea. However, that doesn’t mean Pit Bulls are impossible to train altogether, which is what most people believe.

Just like with other people, we judge and stereotype certain dog breeds. If you are willing to train any dog and put in the time to raise them, you will have the most reliable partner. Your dog becomes a part of the family so it’s important to raise them like you would a human child.

Here is a list of the dog breeds that are misunderstood in some way. All of our canine friends deserve to be loved so if you are thinking of adopting, look up your local Animal Rescue League or Humane Society today!

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