Top 10 Robin Williams films: 'Good Will Hunting,' 'One Hour Photo,' 'Good Morning Vietnam'

Robin Williams has died at the age of 63. Williams had a unique personality and skill set that allowed him to make audiences laugh off the top of his head and was able to channel those emotions into unforgettable dramatic roles.

The Good Will Hunting actor had a long career starting in television, staring in Mork and Mindy and transitioning his one of a kind acting skills seamlessly onto the big screen. He had recently returned to the small screen in the CBS comedy, The Crazy Ones. Williams was also set to return in the upcoming sequel to his beloved comedy Mrs. Doubtfire, that was set to be directed by Christopher Columbus.

Image courtesy of INF Australia is counting down the top ten film performances from Williams. From his incredible work in dramatic roles in films such as, The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting to side splitting comedic roles, Williams was a Hollywood legend. What is your favorite performance from Williams? Comment below and add your thoughts about Williams’ astonishing career.

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10. Aladdin

Robin Williams was cast in the role of the Genie in the beloved Disney animated feature film Aladdin. Most of the lines that ended up being in the film came from Williams on the fly while he was doing the voice over.

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9. The Birdcage

Williams once again showed off his improv comedy skills along side Nathan Lane in this over the top film. Williams played Armand Goldman in the film and stole the show with his portray of this over the top gay man with his husband dealing with their son getting married. The Birdcage also stared Gene Hackman and Hank Azaria.

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8. Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire was a beloved comedy that appealed to the whole family. Williams played a housekeeper who had to dress as a woman in order to see and spend time with his family. The film was heartfelt, hilarious and an overall feel good film. Williams captured the hearts of everyone with his performance in this film and he was set to reprise the role in a sequel that was to be directed by Christopher Columbus.

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7. The Fisher King

Williams received his first Oscar nomination for his work in The Fisher King. He starred along side Jeff Bridges and showed that he could combine comedic elements with a dramatic role.

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6. Jack

Jack was another family friend film from Williams that connected with audiences young and old. Williams had once again perfect comedic timing and was able to bring heart to his performance. He had a way of expressing comedy but also connect with real emotions that the audiences felt.

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5. Patch Adams

Williams’ role in Patch Adams was unforgettable. He inspired many with his role in the film and brought awareness to mental illness. Williams once again combined his comedic skills and dramatic talent for this performance.

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4. Good Morning Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam was a 1987 war-comedy film that helped elevate Williams to superstar status in the Hollywood industry. Most of the scenes in which Williams is broadcasting on the radio were completely improvised.

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3. One Hour Photo

Williams took on fully dramatic and haunting role in One Hour Photo. Williams transformed himself into the role and left behind his comedic background. He brought depth to the role and showed his incredible range as an actor.

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2. Dead Poets Society

O Captain! My Captain! Williams played an instructor, John Keating, who changed the lives of students Welton Academy in Vermont back in 1959. The film is beloved by many and inspired audiences.

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1. Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams played Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting and won the Oscar for his supporting actor role in the film. Williams delivered the performance of a lifetime and helped to launch the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Williams had heart and honestly in this performance and elevated this film every moment he was on screen.

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