Top 10 sci-fi characters

With the Marvel cinematic universe taking over the box office and comic books becoming more popular in mainstream culture, it is no surprise that the sci-fi genre has received a reboot and is attracting more and more fans. Sci-fi has always been popular with film franchizes like Star Wars and Star Trek that have thousands of devoted fans, but now sci-fi is crossing over into mainstream culture. Shows like Doctor Who and Harry Potter have taken over pop culture.

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This genre transports audiences to galaxies far far away and can send them on epic journeys through fantastic worlds without ever leaving the theater. Sci-fi fans often come together to celebrate these classic franchises and discuss the possibility of more films. The announcement of Star Wars having three more movies sent shock waves through the Internet. Sci-fi fans love to discuss everything from pre- to post-production on their favorite properties. The digital age has allowed sci-fi fans to connect with one another and get closer to their favorite characters.

In honor of this revival, is counting down the top ten sci-fi characters of all time. From classic female characters like Ripley in Alien to Star Wars characters that changed cinema forever back in 1977, sci-fi is taking over once again. Did your favorite sci-fi character not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite.

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