Top 10 Taylor Swift music videos

Taylor Swift has had a successful career ever since she entered the music scene and fans have been anxiously awaiting information about her newest album. Just today, Swift introduced her new single “Shake It Off,” along with the title of her new album, titled 1989.

She spoke to her fans via a live stream on Yahoo, where she released both the album name, the title of her single, and the video for the single, much to the delight of her devoted fans.

Throughout her career thus far, Swift has had memorable hit songs and performances that have made their way to the top of the charts. With lyrics about love, longing, and complicated relationships, Swift has made a name for herself as one of the top young artists in recent years.

After the introduction of her newest music video for “Shake It Off,” is counting down the top ten music videos Taylor Swift has put out during her time in the spotlight. From “Red” to “You Belong Me,” many of Swift’s videos are fun to watch and sing along to. What is your favorite music video?

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10. Teardrops On My Guitar

One of her first music videos, the song talks of yearning for her best friend who is interested in someone else. In one scene, she is laying on a bed with her guitar, wearing a beautiful green dress, making Swift look like a fairy princess. The video tells the story of longing for someone perfectly.

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9. Love Story

This video seems to take place on a campus, but then we see Swift go back in time as she meets a very handsome young man. With choreographed dance, beautiful classic costumes, this video brings the story to life.

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8. We Are Never Getting Back Together

Telling the story of a break up, this video takes place in an apartment building with everything from people dancing in animal costumes while playing instruments to scenes changing from taking place in a diner to a club. The video is silly and the song has a neat beat.

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7. The Story of Us

This video is pretty cool, as it takes on a storybook approach in telling the story of how a relationship started, but then began to change. The video takes place in a university type setting, with Swift dancing in between bookshelves and also avoiding the boy behind the song.

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6. Back To December

Back To December takes place in a winter setting, with a young man walking through the snow as Swift sings in a house about wishing she could go back in time to fix a relationship. The video takes an interesting turn when it begins snowing inside the home, giving off a beautiful vibe in the video.

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5. Fifteen

One of Swift’s first videos after making her debut, the video goes through different moments in a teenager’s life when they are fifteen, including going back to school, being in love, and the innocence that comes with not having to worry about what life will be like once you are older and enjoying moments such as friendships and falling in love. The video has very neat graphics that give the school an ethereal look.

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4. Red

Swift’s video for “Red,” as it takes place during a concert. Unlike her previous videos which told the story behind the song, this video focuses on Swift’s performance and her talent on the stage.

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3. I Knew You Were Trouble

What is interesting about this video is Swift narrates what happened in the story of meeting a boy who ends up leaving in the end. The video goes through the meeting of two individuals and one being left behind to lament the shame they feel since they already knew the boy was bad news. When the video begins, Swift is, literally, laying on the ground, as the song goes, and wakes up to find herself surrounded by abandoned trash before it goes into the events that occurred hours ago.

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2. You Belong With Me

Swift’s video for this song tells the story of a young girl who has a crush on her best friend and wishes he would notice her. The two friends communicate through the windows of their homes with cue cards as Swift plays the role of both the girl longing for her best friend and the girlfriend who she feels is wrong for him. The video ends during a dance, with Swift appearing to make herself known to her best friend, where they once again communicate on paper.

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1. Everything Has Changed

This video and song for “Everything Has Changed” also features singer Ed Sheeran and chronicles the friendship between a boy and a girl from a young age. It is a sweet video that has plenty of scenery, including children playing, and two kids reading together. The video ends with Swift and Sheeran showing up to pick up the two kids featured.

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