Top 10 unbelievable foods people eat

Food plays a large role in every culture. Even across the United States, different places eat meals viewed as strange by those from another part of the country. Crawfish might be common in Louisiana while lobster is favored in Maine. Warm hot dishes are served more often in the colder states like Minnesota while fresh fruit can be served year-round in California or Florida. It all depends on the food culture of that state.

Some adventurous people like to try unique dishes from all around the world while others prefer to stick to things that they know and trust. Everyone has taste buds that enjoy certain types of food more than others. The ability to be an adventurous eater comes from a mixture of one’s environment and genetic makeup, according to Huffington Post.

Yet, experimenting outside of one’s food culture can be fun even if one does not like the new tastes. It opens up new experiences and knowledge. According to A Healthier Michigan, a person must taste a new food 20 to 30 times before becoming used to it. Thus, many people might want to give up before actually adapting to a dish. That does not mean they should abandon hope of ever like that food or another unique recipe.

This list is for both the adventurous foodies and the picky eaters who want to branch out and try more variety. Here are some unbelievable dishes that people all over the world enjoy. Perhaps you might too if you give them a chance.

[ new page = 10. Polish Borscht Soup ]
10. Polish Borscht Soup from Hungry for Change

Looking for another type of soup to enjoy? Here is a common Polish dish that uses beets, leeks, celery and more. There are many health benefits to beets which are also in this soup. It can be served warm on a winter evening or chilled after a long summer day.

[ new page = 9. Green Smoothie ]
9. Simple Green Smoothie from Jen’s Favorite Cookies

Wonder what would be in a green drink? Most of the ingredients in this one seem normal – peaches, pineapple, apple, orange, banana and juices. However, the spinach is what might turn some people away from this drink. Those who drink these smoothies, however, assert the nutrients and tastiness.

[ new page = 8. Creamed Collards ]
8. Creamed Collards from Real Simple

Having butter and cream on vegetables might not sound that odd. However, collards can be an acquired taste. Popular in Southwestern America, creamed collards are simple to make. If one enjoys it, this recipe can be great side dish.

[ new page = 7. Thai Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger ]
7. Thai Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger from The Noshery

Burgers are extremely popular especially in the summer time. But what about adding peanut butter after it is grilled? This Thai recipe combines many hearty foods such as peanut butter, beef and bacons with a touch of sweetness with pineapple. The question is if everyone wants all of those ingredients combined.

[ new page = 6. Scotch Eggs with Chorizo ]
6. Scotch Eggs with Chorizo from Spoons to Sporks

Looking for a unique way to make eggs? This recipe is certainly unique if not strange. First of all, quail eggs are used instead of chicken eggs. Secondly, these eggs are hard-boiled and rolled in a mixture containing chorizo sausage meat, Dijon mustard and parsley. Thus, some might love this appetizer while others might find it gross.

[ new page = 5. Mini Veggie Haggis and Mustard Bites ]
5. Mini Veggie Haggis and Mustard Bites from Great British Chefs

Haggis is a Scottish dish made with sheep heart, liver and lungs. Although this recipe calls for vegetarian haggis, one can easily substitute that with the real thing. After all, this food is labeled as one of the strangest in the world.

[ new page = 4. Coconut Milk Kefir ]
4. Coconut Milk Kefir from Hungry for Change

Kefir is becoming a more popular drink as people and nutritionists praise its health benefits. Yet, the thought of drinking bacteria (even good bacteria) from kefir grains and milk might be enough to scare off new people. Plus, making it takes several days. However, if one has the time and desire, trying this might be an adventure.

[ new page = 3. Frozen Maple with Shiso and Green Apples ]
3. Frozen Maple with Shiso and Green Apples from Great British Chefs

Many ingredients and flavors are combined in this recipe to make an interesting dessert. Shiso is a spiked Japanese herb. The ingredients are tasty alone but a bit odd together. However, for the adventurous foodie, this might be a lovely treat.

[ new page = 2. Olive Oil Ice Cream ]
2. Olive Oil Ice Cream with Thyme and Toasted Pine Nuts from Foodness Gracious

There are hundreds of flavors of ice cream. However, olive oil ice cream has to be one of the strangest. Perhaps some might enjoy the herbal coolness, but many will probably wrinkle their noses at this idea.

[ new page = 1. Grits Congee ]
1. Grits Congee from Popsugar

How about combining two completely different types of food? This recipe starts with a Chinese breakfast and adds in a Southern staple. Grits and meat are added into a creamy vegetable stew. This combination of two food cultures is very unique.

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