Top 10 vegetarian sandwiches

One of the most common meals eaten both by adults and children is sandwiches. Simply put some food in-between two pieces of bread, and a sandwich is created. That is all that it takes to make this simple but popular dish.

Not only are sandwiches easy to customize to fit your taste, they are also simple to transport. Thus, students pack them for school, employees bring them to work and many restaurants serve diverse types. The Canadian Government found through its agriculture and agri-food department that sandwiches are the main type of meal eaten by United States citizens because of ease of mobility and taste.

Different types of meat are one of the most common sandwich fillings. However, vegetarian versions can be just as delicious and potentially healthier. Even those who want to continue eating meat can learn to appreciate new foods by sampling a vegetarian diet. Since August is National Sandwich Month according to, here are some wonderful sandwich variations that might be new but will certainly be tasty.

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