'True Blood' recap: 'Almost Home'

"Two episodes left ever," the trailer for next week's episode reminded us. Things are coming to a close as storylines are being killed off quicker than Bill’s Hep-V.

Eric is a healed man
In the first scene of the episode, Eric drinks Sarah's blood, and as expected, he heals instantaneously. As he basks in his glory of being disease free, it was pretty hard not to crack a smile.

Violet meets her true death

Psycho Violet is still out to get revenge on Jason by killing people he cares about, but the twist is that she’s the one who actually dies.

When she texts Jason pictures of cuffed and gagged Jessica and Adilyn, he is quick to come to the rescue. Actually, it couldn’t have been better timing as he was caught in the middle of an awkward argument over Hoyt and Brigitte having children, Hoyt stating he doesn’t want kids (which contradicts what he wanted when he was with Jessica). So when Jason gets the text to leave, Brigitte is so angry that she decides to tag along with Jason on official police business that is also life-threatening.

When Jason gets to Violet's lair, he walks through a dark house full of taxidermy - and tries to shoot a stuffed bear. Violet appears behind him, pins him down, and tells him no one has ever dumped her. She forces him into the torture chamber beside Wade, Adilyn, and Jessica, and describes how each one will meet their death. Wade will lose his fingers before getting his skull crushed, Adilyn will be victim to the breast ripper and then drained of her fairy blood, and Jessica gets a nice, hot dildo shoved in her every ten seconds so Jason can experience the pain Violet felt when they were hooking up. She then admits to Jason she only wanted to be with him so she could be treated like the royalty she is - or thinks she is.

During her drawn-out, villainous monologue, Hoyt shoots Violet from behind, and she bursts into a puddle of blood on the floor. Way to go Hoyt! Even though this storyline could have been played out more, I'm very happy we won't be seeing Violet again.

Tara and Lettie Mae find peace

This was probably the last episode of seeing Tara as well. Lettie Mae, Lafayette, and even the Reverend, take James' blood to say their final goodbye to Tara. During their V trip, they are taken to Tara's childhood birthday party where Tara's father abused Lettie Mae. Tara almost shot her father but couldn’t bring herself to do so. Instead, she buried the gun in the front lawn - the same place Tara took Lettie Mae during her V Trip. In a tender moment, Tara and Lettie Mae patch up their relationship; despite complications, they’ve always been there for one another. Tara asks Lettie Mae to let her go, and Lettie Mae finally succumbs.

Meanwhile, other storylines were set up, and sometimes a little too contrived.

The Love Square
Prediction: Jason will end up with Brigitte, Hoyt will end up with Jessica. We all know Jason wants to have a family, and apparently so does Brigitte. Plus we know he’s attracted to her.

But will Hoyt and Jessica have another go? When Hoyt “met” Jessica after saving her life, he becomes enamored with her. It’s clear Jessica’s feelings for Hoyt are still there too, as she attempts to make herself look presentable before he comes into see her.

Hopefully Jason and Hoyt can maintain their brand new friendship. It’s still not clear how Jason and Jessica feel about one another, but they basically both admitted there is love between them. And that was also the cutest scene of the night, as there’s nothing better than seeing Ryan Kwanten vulnerable.

Bill refuses to drink Sarah’s blood which would cure him of Hep-V

Really? I actually said that aloud after the episode ended, because, well, really? The scene just felt anti-climatic, and now Bill is just being melodramatic and selfish. When he didn’t drink from Sarah I thought he couldn’t get his fangs intact or that he was dying then and there, something that could have had more stakes. But the fact that he just doesn’t want to drink her blood seems petty – especially after the tender, heartwarming scene between him and Sookie earlier in the episode.

All in all, it seems the last few episodes are focusing more on the relationships of the characters, while diminishing the storylines.

So will it be happily ever after in Bon Temps?

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