'Tyrant' finale recap: 'Gone Fishing'

The season finale of FX’s new show Tyrant aired last night. The episode ended with unanswered questions that could only be answered with a second season. For the past couple episodes, Barry has been working on a plan to overthrow his brother from Presidency and Jamal knows nothing about it…or does he? Up till now, Barry seemed to have everything under control but can he really pull off this plan in the end? The worse possible scenario is about to happen.

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Jamal has been planning on going fishing with his brother, Barry, since they got a boat. The two are getting ready for their fishing trip when Barry asks Jamal about Tariq. Tariq, the boy’s uncle, is locked up in a jail for betraying Jamal. However, Tariq is innocent and it was all part of Barry’s plan to get him locked up. Jamal says that Tariq won’t talk.

Barry has a meeting with John Tucker about how to finish off their plan. Tucker fills Barry in on who will be arrested when Barry takes presidency. Barry’s mother is on the list and at first Barry tries to fight it but fails. During a second meeting, Barry is informed by Lea Exley and Tucker that the United States State Department no longer wants part of this plan. They are afraid of the possibility that Barry would lose to Jamal.

Jamal is having dinner with his wife and Nasrat’s family. Nasrat’s father, who is on Barry’s side, looks a bit nervous during the dinner and Jamal makes it worse when Nasrat’s pregnancy is brought up. They cheer to a happy life for their children.

Before Barry’s second meeting with Tucker, Barry asked his childhood friend Fauzi to help write a speech when Barry becomes president. At first, Fauzi doesn’t answer but the second time they meet he offers Barry a rough draft of the speech. This makes Barry to want to continue down the road to presidency. He calls Tucker and informs him that he is going along with the plan without the U.S. if he has too.

Barry and Molly are in bed together and Molly is still deeply upset with him. After a long talk, Barry is able to tell her how much she means to him and how he can never lose her. She forgives him and the two share a passionate moment.

The next day is the day of Barry and Jamal’s fishing trip. Before they leave for the trip, Barry must say good-bye to his family who is leaving for the United States. The two not there, however, are Jenna (Molly’s sister) and Emma (Barry’s daughter.) Barry is able to call Emma on the phone. He informs her how important it is to catch the plane in time before he hangs up.

Jenna and Emma are out for lunch when a bunch of boys walk by and hit on the girls. Later they discover they have been pick pocketed and the café owner is not happy. He doesn’t believe them and give the two girls a hard time. They finally come to the decision of taking the owner to their car to get money which also happens to be missing. Things don’t look good for Emma and Jenna as the café owner calls the police. When the cops come, they look up Emma’s name on a computer and discover that she is an Al Fayeed. They allow her to borrow a phone to call her mom. Jenna and Emma are let go and meet up with Tucker who was sent by Molly to find the girls.

During the search for Emma and Jenna, Jamal and Barry are out fishing. While looking out into the ocean, Jamal makes a comment about how it’s hard to see what the ocean is doing from the surface which could also apply to Barry. The two try fishing but end up catching each other’s rods. The two, instead, start drinking and share stories.

When the brothers make it back to land, they are greeted by the military. Barry believes they are here for Jamal when Tariq appears. Jamal knew about Barry’s plan and is divested. Jamal commends Tariq to arrest Barry.

When Barry’s family is finally together, Tucker meets with Molly. He doesn’t understand what is wrong but he knows something is up.

Everyone who was with Barry is taken. Nasrat is taken from her husband (Jamal’s son) because her dad was with Barry. Jamal has a talk with his mother who begs him to just send Barry back to the Sates. Jamal tells her that Barry had plans to arrest her too but she still wants Barry free saying that she doesn’t want to see her sons kill each other.

Barry is confronted by Leila while he is in jail. She spits in his face and is beyond furious with him for all his lies. Just before she leaves, she tells Barry that she was angry when he left for the States but she still wanted Barry. As she walks away, Barry yells after her begging that she tell his family that he loves them.

Tucker finds out what has happened and informs Molly that Barry is captured. She knew this would happen and she breaks into tears. The kids walk in on her crying into Tucker’s shoulder.

Jamal has guards kill Nasrat’s father along with Ziad who used to be Tariq’s right hand man. Nasrat’s father tries to beg for his life but it doesn’t work.

Back in the meeting room, Jamal most come to a decision with Barry. Leila informs him that the penalty for treason is death. Tariq believes that death is the only way but Jamal has doubts. However, in the end Jamal sentences his own brother to death and the episode ends with Barry sitting hopelessly in jail.

All in all, I found this to be a decent show. Sometimes the acting could have been better and I felt like the story line was lacking a little when it came to showing tension. While the country and people are fake, this can be or is a real life situation for some countries. Ashraf Barhom (Jamal) and Raad Rawi (Tariq) played a couple of mean tyrants and Adam Rayner did a pretty good job with the lead role of Barry. I believe that the show deserves a second season and I hope to see it again on FX!

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