Underwater sharkcam captures detailed great white attacks (Video)

Just before Shark Week kicks off this Sunday, the Discovery Channel shared some rare footage of great whites attacking an underwater camera.

The National Geographic reported that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution captured video of the sharks attacking a REMUS sharkcam in the waters of Guadalupe Island, just off the coast of Mexico.

The just over five-minute clip shows the hunting techniques of the powerful beasts. The sharks eye their prey and then suddenly thrust their powerful jaws around it.

A pattern of that similar behavior continued and some of the sharks went back for another bite when the underwater camera did not crack. When the camera was finally brought to the surface, it had several teeth marks embedded in it but remained intact.

The camera weighs about 100 pounds and can go down about 330 feet. It followed the sharks and transmitted images to the surface every 10 to 20 seconds.

Wall Street OTC noted that scientists said that the sharkcam has provided them with an in depth and up-close look at how the sharks behave in the wild.

The full program will be shown on the Discovery Channel this Monday on Jaws Strikes Back at 9 p.m.

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