Venus and Jupiter will brightly align Monday morning

Early Monday morning, just 45 minutes before sunrise, Venus and Jupiter will come closer together than they have in 14 years.

The planets’ alignment will create a “double star” effect, appearing extremely close together and intensely bright from Earth, according to the Science Recorder. But, despite their seemingly close proximity, the planets will actually be hundreds of millions of miles apart.

Robin Scagell, Vice President of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said that the event will be “quite a striking sight” and that “people will mistake [the planets] for a UFO, especially being so low down.”

The conjunction of these planets occurs annually, but its visibility depends on the time of day, so you might want to catch this one while the sky will be dark.

Those interested in viewing this extraterrestrial happening are advised to use binoculars or a small telescope at an elevated location.

“People who have buildings, hills or trees in the way might miss it, but even a rooftop in London should offer a good view,” said Scagell, as reported by The Guardian.

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