Weird Al Yankovic Super Bowl halftime show petition nears 60,000 signatures

When drunk Weird Al Yankovic fan Ed Ball started a petition to get Weird Al Yankovic to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show, he had no idea that he was creating a viral sensation. In a matter of hours, the petition went crazy, and now it is nearing 60,000 signatures.

As we reported last night, Ball posted the petition after overhearing Seattle Seahawks fans talking about potential Super Bowl halftime performers they wouldn't mind sitting through. Ball decided that Yankovic was his pick for a performer and went home to create a petition while still under the influence.

Thankfully there’s no law against creating petitions while drunk because the petition is up to 58,000 petitions. Now, Ball’s new goal is to get 100,000 signatures.

“Thanks again for all the love, keep spreading the word!!” he wrote when the petition reached 50,000. “Let's get this to 100K and make it known world wide that we can make a change and our collective voice can be heard by the NFL: WE WANT AL AT THE SUPERBOWL!!!”

If chart success is something a musician needs to get the NFL’s attention, Weird Al now has that. His new Mandatory Fun debuted on the Billboard chart last month with over 100,000 copies sold.

Yankovic hasn’t commented on the petition just yet. However, he would be a great choice, since he’s family friendly, unless the NFL has something against accordions and the polka.

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