Top 10 best 'Grey's Anatomy' cliffhangers

This action packed hospital has never been one to dial back the drama on Grey’s Anatomy and last season didn’t disappoint, Season ten brought tear-jerking moments from actress, Sandra Oh’s final departure as Cristina Yang to the announcement of characters Jackson Avery and April Kepner’s pregnancy.

Grey's Anatomy
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With the start of the eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy right around the corner on Thursday, September 25. It leaves viewers with the unanswered question of what this new season will deliver. Can the marriage of Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey survive? Will Alex Karev and Jo Wilson’s relationship come out alive? And what does doctor, Maggie Pierce, bring to the table as the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery?

While waiting to see what this next season holds for viewers, its time to take a trip down memory lane on all the best cliffhanging episodes that this show has left us with.

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