Angelina Jolie talks what she learned from Louis Zamperini: There's 'something greater than all of us'

Angelina Jolie is opening up about the affect war hero Louis Zamperini, the inspiration behind Unbroken, had on her in regards to faith.

She doesn’t necessarily talk about religion, rather recognizing there’s a higher power that we can all use to unite.

“When there is an obstacle, you have to rise to the challenge, not be overwhelmed by it. And we're not alone in the world," she told People about what he taught her.

"I don't know if there's a name for that – religion or faith – just that there's something greater than all of us, and it's uniting and beautiful,” she continued.

Zamperini’s plane crashed in the ocean in 1943 and he and two survivors drifted for nearly 50 days. They washed up on a Japanese island and were held captive. He was assumed dead until he came home after the war.

He died at the age of 97 in July, and Jolie was clearly moved by him. Unbroken, which she directed, exceeded expectations at the box office, raking in $31.7 million over the three-day weekend and has made $47.3 million since Thursday.

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